12 Jan 2016

Sport: Guam Tennis boss appointed to ITF taskforce

12:33 pm on 12 January 2016

The President of the Guam National Tennis Federation hopes to be a voice for Oceania on the world stage after being appointed to an International Tennis Federation taskforce to provide information and support for smaller nations.

Torgun Smith will be joined on this taskforce by representatives from Egypt, Costa Rica, South Africa, Bolivia, Hong Kong and Hungary.

"Talking to the new president, David Haggerty, before and after his election in September he wants to get input from everyone so he's formed this non-World Group taskforce to try and get some input from a wider range of federations around the world and the challenges that we have. Guam and most of the Oceania countries are Class C countries, which means we don't have a vote in the ITF - we're almost affiliate members [and] we don't have our own Davis Cup team."

The taskforce will last for two years and Torgun Smith says their first meeting has already been pencilled in.

Mr Smith says among their aims are to increase the fan base, finances and number of participating nations in Davis Cup and Fed Cup.