9 Oct 2015

Nauru backtracks on refugee processing commitment

8:28 am on 9 October 2015

Nauru's government has backtracked on its commitment to process all of the asylum seekers detained at Australia's detention centre there.

The government this week announced that it would finalise the remaining 600 refugee claims this week, as well as opening the centre to allow asylum seekers free movement around the island.

But the government now says this will not be met, and about one hundred of the applications will not be processed this week.

A spokeperson, Ben Dobson, says determinations won't be made for those whose applications are incomplete or for the famlies of those who have been transported off island for medical reasons.

"The government does not want to process individuals or members of families without their whole family with them to go as a group so on that particular basis there'll be quite a few asylum seekers still to be fully processed but that will come in a matter of time."

Ben Dobson would not give a timeframe for when the remaining determinations will be made.