8 Sep 2015

Son of Vanuatu resort owner to face trial for murder

5:32 pm on 8 September 2015

The son of a New Zealand resort owner in Vanuatu will appear in the Supreme Court next month after a Magistrate ruled today there was enough evidence for him to face a trial for murder.

Tanna Lodge, Vanuatu in 2013.

Tanna Lodge in in 2013 shortly after rennovations. Photo: Tanna Lodge/Facebook

Ned Lowe, an 18-year-old man from Tanna, was arrested by police on the morning of 18th July, after another local man was found dead with stab wounds.

His father Hugh Lowe owns the popular Tanna Lodge resort.

The State Prosecution Department says that at today's Preliminary Inquiry in the Magistrates Court in Port Vila, the Magistrate ruled the police have enough evidence to warrant a trial.

Since the incident the police have appeared twice in court and requested adjournments to collect and organise the evidence.

The accused has remained in jail and will only be able to apply for bail once the matter is in front of a Supreme Court judge, on 6th October.

The Officer in charge of state prosecutions for Tafea Province, Willie Ketio, says police are under-resourced on Tanna but are confident in the case.

The defence counsel says it's not appropriate for them or the prosecution to comment on the case.