20 Aug 2015

Fiji military ready to crush any instability

12:53 pm on 20 August 2015

The Fiji Land Force Commander says his soldiers will carry out the Prime Minister's intentions to crush instability or insurrection if need be.

Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho says 140 infantry personnel will assist the police in their investigations of groups undertaking suspected seditious behaviour.

Colonel Qiliho says the possibility of weapons being involved has triggered the move, which will see unarmed police being protected.

The Commander says it is also the constitutional role of the military to safeguard the security and well-being of Fiji.

"You can understand what we've been through in the year 2000 and we don't want such an event to occur again in Fiji. We want Fiji to prosper. We don't want any of those kind of events to happen again. Like our Prime Minister has said, there will be no more coups or no more instability or insurrection. He has mentioned the words that he will crush it and we go by the intentions of our Prime Minister."

65 people have appeared in court over the past six weeks charged with sedition, with one group alleged to have conducted military style training in the hills of Ra province.

Fiji PM Frank Bainmarama inspects a military pass out parade.

Fiji PM Frank Bainmarama inspects a military pass out parade. Photo: Fiji Government