18 Aug 2015

Man charged with murder in American Samoa

1:45 pm on 18 August 2015

A man in American Samoa has been charged with murder in relation to a body that was found in bushes last week in Vailoa.

Twenty one year old Michael Schuster of Leone has been charged with second degree murder, first degree assault and hampering and fabricating physical evidence.

It's alleged that Michael Schuster stabbed the victim several times with a pocket knife while the two were in a vehicle driven by the defendant.

The 23 year olds body was found in bushes along the old air base road near the intersection of Vailoa and Leone.

The Commissioner of Public Safety, Save Liuato Tuitele, says the defendant is the only person being charged in connection with the alleged killing.

Save says the name of the victim is still being withheld as the family in American Samoa have not been able to notify the parents of the deceased.