13 Jul 2015

Media to help Vanuatu curb NCD epidemic

8:08 am on 13 July 2015

Health authorities and the media in Vanuatu are joining forces to try to curb the growth in so-called lifestyle diseases.

Figures released last week show 70 percent of cases at the Vila Central Hospital are related to non communicable diseases or NCDs.

The WHO's Technical Advisor on NCDs Myriam Abel says smoking, alcohol use, an unhealthy diet and physical inactivity are major risks for NCDs like diabetes and high blood pressure.

She says the media can be a powerful tool in combating the epidemic.

"Because we are wanting to really make an impact on our young people and especially the school children. They maybe the generation that you know, would be more proactive in the reduction of the NCD in the country. And I think Vanuatu is working hard to try to get a lot of programs in place to try and address that."