16 Jun 2015

American Samoa hike in business licences comes into effect

10:33 am on 16 June 2015

A hike in business licence fees approved by the American Samoa Fono in the first session will go into effect today.

A basic business licence fee which used to be $25 US dollars for a retail store or wholesaler will now cost $150 US dollars.

A pool hall parlour would be charged $150 per pool table; the licence for a beer tavern or alcoholic beverage licence will be $300, and the business licence for a beer importer would be $250.

Auto shops and gas service stations are set to pay $150 for their business licence and all other licence fees not in a special category will cost $150.

In March, the Governor, Lolo Moliga, said it had been over 50 years since business licence fees were originally imposed, and a substantial revision was in order.