11 May 2015

Norfolk: Canberra being misled into reforms

4:45 pm on 11 May 2015

The Norfolk Island government says Australian MPs are being misled into pushing through reforms of the island's political status.

This week the House of Representatives in Canberra is considering a Bill which would end the island's autonomy, including abolishing the legislative assembly.

A referendum last week showed an overwhelming majority on Norfolk want a say in determining the island's future political status.

Norfolk Island Flag

Norfolk Island Flag Photo: None

Norfolk government minister, Robin Adams, says the federal government Bill is based on a fabrication that the community had been adequately consulted.

Ms Adams says the Australian MPs have not been given correct information by the minister responsible, Jamie Briggs.

"That bipartisan support, we believe, is based on erroneous facts. The facts being stated by Minister Briggs, on advice from his department and his administrator, is that this is what the community wants. The community clearly has not said this is what it wants. It wants full facts and to be consulted appropriately."

Norfolk government minister, Robin Adams, says the bill would be a denial of human rights and a travesty of justice.

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