11 May 2015

Norfolk Island set for Canberra fight

12:44 pm on 11 May 2015

A delegation from Norfolk Island is in the Australian capital, Canberra, this week to push for the island's right to have a say in determining its political status.

The Chief Minister of Norfolk Island, Lisle Snell

The Chief Minister of Norfolk Island, Lisle Snell Photo: Supplied

The Australian government has tabled legislation to strip Norfolk of its long-time autonomy, including abolishing the legislative assembly and the island's parliament.

A referendum last week showed an overwhelming majority of the people voted 'yes' to the question of whether the island's people should have the right to consider their political status.

The Norfolk Island Chief Minister, Lisle Snell, says the results have set the path for a fight with Canberra over the future of the island's self-governance.

He says the Australian Government has completely denied the democratic rights of Norfolk Islanders and he's prepared to fight to the highest level.

"We want more say in the future governance of Norfolk Island. We do not want the legislative assembly, the government of Norfolk Island abolished under the pretext that there has been mishandling of Norfolk Island by us."

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