Many against quick return to mining in Bougainville

2:44 pm on 8 May 2015

A campaigner for women's rights on Bougainville says many people remain opposed to a quick return to mining in the region.

The autonomous Papua New Guinea region goes to the polls from Monday and with new mining laws in place, the new parliament is expected to consider a resumption in mining, to ensure a viable economy.

The head of the Leitana Nehan Agency, Helen Hakena, says there is a recognition that mining can generate the income needed by the government for its services but she says there are still many concerns to be dealt with.

"People still talk about there is a lot of hidden agendas inside the mining policy. They still believe there should have been more consultations to the people before the policy was passed by the ABG. People should have been gathered to view the policy and to question the articles in the policy."