15 Apr 2015

Clean drinking water main concern in Tuvalu

5:15 am on 15 April 2015

The Tuvalu Red Cross says ensuring the islands worse affected by Cyclone Pam have access to clean drinking water is of concern as the country moves into its dry season.

When the cyclone struck more than four weeks ago, storm surges washed away houses, infrastructure and crops, and caused the island of Nui to be entirely flooded.

Tuvalu - locals moving a fridge following flooding

Tuvalu - locals moving a fridge following flooding Photo: Supplied

A Red Cross worker, Tiira Kaio Taula, says much of the clean water that had been stored up before the cyclone hit was lost.

"The water tanks are made of rubber, plastic, so it's easily toppled over by the waves. And now it's a big risk because we are heading for our dry season now. The wet season is over and with this dry season we have less rain, and with less rain there will be less drinking water and clean water for people to use on the islands."

Tiira Kaio Taula says a government team is leaving on boats over the next two days to do another assessment on how much more aid is needed.

  Tuvalu - tidal surges 16x10

Tuvalu - tidal surges 16x10 Photo: Supplied

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