25 Mar 2015

Tuvalu Red Cross reaches all nine islands with aid

4:00 pm on 25 March 2015

The Red Cross in Tuvalu says relief aid has now reached all of the nine islands following Cyclone Pam.

The secretary general of Tuvalu's Red Cross, Olioliga Iosua, says they have distributed the supplies they received from New Zealand, Australia and Fiji.

Mrs Iosua says they feel they have reached everyone in need.

"Especially from our side the Tuvalu Red Cross, I don't think it's an emergency now because we have all the relief supplies delivered to all the islands. I think they're okay with those."

Olioliga Iosua says the Red Cross are sending more food and building supplies out to islands this week so they can start re-building their homes.

Flooding in Tuvalu after Cyclone Pam.

Flooding in Tuvalu after Cyclone Pam. Photo: Plan International Australia