6 Apr 2015

Blogger taken to New Caledonia court

10:47 am on 6 April 2015

A French blogger, Franck Theriaux, says he has been summoned to appear in the criminal court in New Caledonia next month for allegedly defaming a local politician and a businessman.

The two, Gregoire Bernut and Didier Leroux, want 23,000 US dollars in compensation and costs over an article on the Caledosphere site, which linked the two men's activities.

Caledosphere blog taken to court for alleged defamation

Caledosphere blog taken to court for alleged defamation Photo: supplied

The blog pointed out that Mr Bernut is both a legislator and a person being employed by Mr Leroux, who has vast business interests, including in the pharmaceutical sector.

The blog further noted that Mr Bernut voted against a company tax hike in the territory's Congress.

The two men's lawyer say the blogger suggests that Mr Leroux corrupted Mr Bernut and that Mr Bernut accepted to be corrupted.

The case it to go to court on May 29th.