2 Apr 2015

Election looks set to return Sopoaga as Tuvalu's PM

7:46 pm on 2 April 2015

With most of its members returned in this week's Tuvalua national election, the administration of Enele Sopoaga is in good stead to return to power.

Tuvalu Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga

Tuvalu's Prime Minister, Enele Sopoaga Photo: RNZI / Jamie Tahana

Tuesday's election saw 12 members of the 15-member parliament re-elected, with only two first-time MPs elected; MacKenzie Kilitome, Tuvalus' third ever female MP, and Puakena Boreham -- both from Nui atoll.

A third MP, Samuele P. Teo of Niutao, returns to the fold after a stint outside parliament.

Overall, nine members of the government of the caretaker Prime Minister Enele Sopoaga have been re-elected, with only two missing out.

This gives Mr Sopoaga the inside running to again form the government, the make-up of which should become clearer in the coming days.

2015 Tuvalu General Election Results


Maatia Toafa (515 votes)

Satini Tulaga Manuellla (524 votes)


Monise Lafai (315 votes)

Otinielu Tauteleimalae Tausi (327 votes)


Fauoa Maani (328 votes)

Samuelu P. Teo (410 votes)


MacKenzie Kilitome (249 votes)

Puakena Boreham (237 votes)


Apisai Ielemia (653 votes)

Taukelina Finikaso (574 votes)


Enele Sopoaga (elected unopposed)

Elisala Piita (elected unopposed)


Kamuta Laatasi (372 votes)

Kausea Natano (423 votes)


Namoloki S. Neemia (elected unopposed)