24 Mar 2015

New Cooks Family Bill passes first hearing

8:59 pm on 24 March 2015

The new Family Law Bill which has now gone through its first hearing in Parliament, is being supported by the Cook Islands parliamentary speaker.

The Bill aims to modernise family law in the areas of divorce, domestic and child support, parenting arrangements and the care and protection of children.

Nikki Rattle, who is also the former president of the National Council of Women, says the law will be good for the country.

The law will allow for domestic violence to be recognised in court for the first time.

"I just think it's an excellent bill. You know it certainly is going to look at taking care of the rights of the children and I think that the family as a whole is going to be dealt with in an amicable way between parents...and for the best interest of the child."

Nikki Rattle