18 Mar 2015

Sport: Financial impact of Cyclone Pam weighs on Mini Games future

12:50 pm on 18 March 2015

Organisers of the 2017 Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu say the financial impact of Cyclone Pam is a major issue for the viability of the event going forward.

Demolition work was due to begin on the main stadium in Port Vila this week, but that will now be delayed.

The Chief Executive of the 2017 Mini Games, Joe Bomal Carlo, says the cyclone caused major damage to venues in the capital.

He says it's not yet clear how and if they can move forward with Games preparations.

"The financial implication is the major issue here because most of the running of the Games will be on the Vanuatu government. Its priority is not sport - priority is more getting the country back on track nationally. With the economic downturn and all that, then the cyclone, it really is the main task to move forward from here. As they're going to be following up all these issues, we will sort out our end and see our house is in order before we move ahead so it's really back to the drawing board of what's happening with the 2017 Games".