18 Feb 2015

New Caledonia call for new electoral system

11:27 am on 18 February 2015

The leader of the Caledonia Together Party says the electoral system should be changed to help end the political impasse.

The territory has been without a president for two months as disagreements persist among the three anti-independence parties which have a slim majority in the 11-member collegial government.

Philippe Gomes says the proportional system no longer works in the context of the current "balkanisation" of the political scene.

He says a bonus share of seats should be given to the party which wins most votes.

His Caledonia Together party emerged as the biggest after last year's election but after failing to win a majority, it entered a power-sharing deal with the two other anti-independence parties.

The arrangement ended in December when it pulled out of the government over fiscal policy differences and triggered the collapse of the government.

Since then Caledonia Together has been demanding it be given the presidency, which had originally been attributed to the Front for Unity.

Philippe Gomes

Leader of the Caledonia Together Party, Philippe Gomes Photo: AFP

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