9 Feb 2015

PNG opposition says Government 'must go'

6:38 am on 9 February 2015

Papua New Guinea's deputy opposition leader says Prime Minister Peter O'Neill needs to be removed because corruption in government is being allowed to prevail.

Sam Basil's comment comes as PNG's parliament is due to resume this week and the grace period for motions of no-confidence against a Prime Minister has lapsed.

Mr Basil says with more than ten MPs referred to the Public Prosecutor for alleged misconduct in office, plus three in prison for abuse of public funds, the current government must be held accountable for the state of governance.

He says the Prime Minister, who was recently referred to a leadership tribunal for alleged misconduct, has set the tone.

"You look at the number of pending court cases and leadership tribunals and all the unpopular decisions that have been hanging over the O'Neill/Dion government, it all leads to corruption. I think everybody knows that this government has to be changed. That is why we understand that a change is imminent and it will happen."

PNG's deputy opposition leader, Sam Basil.