3 Dec 2014

Sogavare seeks third Solomons prime ministership

5:34 pm on 3 December 2014

A two-time former Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has been put forward as the prime ministerial candidate for a second coalition grouping which came out publicly with its membership last night.

Manasseh Sogavare

Manasseh Sogavare Photo: AFP

Both the Solomon Star and the Island Sun newspapers say 26 of the 50 newly elected MPs claim allegiance to the group and posed for a group photo.

The new group which is yet to be named is made up of MPs from three political parties, the Kadere Party, the United Democratic Party and break away MPs from the People's Alliance Party which is aligned to the opposing political block.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the rival Solomon Islands People's Democratic Coalition, Douglas Marau, says it is too early for anyone to be claiming they have the numbers to rule.

"The Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition has not finalised any names as yet, to who would be the candidate for the Prime Ministers post it is still open. We are just working around the clock, we have more time, we do not want to rush into, you know anything as yet."

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