27 Nov 2014

Further delay in American Samoa murder case

4:24 pm on 27 November 2014

The trial of a man charged with the murder of an American Samoan police officer in 2010 has been postponed again.

Siaumau Siaumau Jr is accused of the murder of police detective Lieutenant Liusila Brown and the attempted murder of two other officers outside the court house.

He was due to go to trial next week but after he sacked his lawyer his trial has been postponed to next year.

At a status hearing this morning, the assistant public defender Mike White told the court Mr Siaumau doesnt want him to be his lawyer.

Mr Siaumau says his family is looking for a new lawyer for him and he has requested an extension.

The deputy attorney general Mitzie Jessop raised objections saying this is now a four year old case and the longer it is delayed the more difficult it will be to move forward.

Associate Justice Richmond says he understands the government's position but they have to accept reality.

He says the defendant is entitled to a jury trial and a status hearing is now set for January the 22nd next year.