13 Oct 2014

Rebuke for French Socialists over New Caledonia stance

2:41 pm on 13 October 2014

An assembly member in New Caledonia's southern province has sharply criticised the ruling French Socialists after Francois Hollande received pro-independence delegates who a week earlier had boycotted top-level talks in Paris.

In a comment on his facebook page, Philippe Blaise says there is no point in being polite with the Socialists as they only respect those who cheat and lie.

Mr Blaise says the attitude of the pro-independence Caledonian Union is unacceptable as it shows no respect to the Noumea Accord by trying to appeal to the United Nations and the French state over the heads of New Caledonians.

The group has sought mediation by the UN in its dispute with France over the make-up of the electoral rolls to be used in a possible independence referendum.

In his posting, Mr Blaise says in this context no time should be wasted to host Mr Hollande during his upcoming visit to New Caledonia.