31 Jul 2014

Fiji ballot boxes unveiled

1:12 pm on 31 July 2014

Fiji's Elections Office has unveiled the ballot boxes which will be used in this year's elections.

The 2,500 boxes funded by the Japanese government will be used at 800 polling stations to be set up around the country.

The plastic, transparent boxes were displayed alongside a wooden box used in past elections at a signing ceremony in Suva today.

Fiji's Elections Supervisor Mohammed Saneem and Japan's representative demonstrated the containers' security seals and tamper-proof construction.

"The type of ballot box is a significant achievement for Fiji because in the past several elections we've had wooden boxes. Our ballot boxes in this year's elections are plastic, easy and light to carry, durable and also transparent so you can see your vote fall into it."

Mr Saneem says the new boxes are a response to recommendations by observers following the 2006 election.

The Japanese Embassy in Suva says the 46,000 US dollar project aims to support a transparent elections process which will contribute to Fiji's democratisation.

Fiji's new ballot boxes with old box in foreground

Fiji's new ballot boxes with old box in foreground Photo: RNZ