22 Jul 2014

One Cook Islands Movement chuffed with election result

1:10 pm on 22 July 2014

The One Cook Islands Movement says its two seats make it an influential force in parliament but it's still too early to discuss possible coalitions.

According to the official results the Cook Islands Party has won an outright majority with 13 seats, the Democratic Party has won eight, and one seat is still tied.

The One Cook Islands Movement MP for the southern electorate on Aitutaki, Teina Bishop, says the party is happy with two seats.

"That's a 50 percent win out of four seats, and our third seat, the one in Mauke, we were very happy with that result, we came second. It's early days, don't forget, there's still petitions to come before we go to parliament."

Teina Bishop says the party will not be challenging any results and will wait for petitions from other parties to be heard before making any alliances.