8 Jul 2014

Cooks candidate wants a self reliant community

8:15 pm on 8 July 2014

A Cook Islands election candidate says his Titikaveka community has been bombarded by empty promises from the Government and it is time for them to be more self reliant.

Cook Islanders go to the polls on July the 9th/tomorrow (COOKS ISLANDS TIME) and the Titikaveka Oire [aw-ee-reh] community candidate, Teava Iro, [teh-ah-vah ee-roh] says he wants the community to come up with solutions for problems together.

"Party politics have failed to empower the people of this country. A lot of talk, not a lot of action and there's no system in place from both parties to put money away to make it available either as a grant or a soft loan so people who want to start up businesses can have an easy start."

Teava Iro says businesses also need encouragement to diversify and offer multiple services to bring in extra money.