22 May 2014

Vanuatu MP backs airport development on Santo

6:41 am on 22 May 2014

An MP from Vanuatu's biggest island of Santo says Pekoa airport remains the ideal site for any major international airport development in the country.

A parliament committee is considering a plan by the recently removed Prime Minister Moana Carcasses to develop an international airport either on the main island Efate or Santo.

Despite strong opposition among MPs to the plan, there is consensus that a better intenational airport is needed.

However the Luganville MP, Kalfau Moli, says aviation industry experts favour the upgrading of Pekoa airport to an international standard.

"That, I think, would assist the economy because we control at least about 70 percent of the population lives up north. And on the other hand there is another argument on whether we have... we do have infrastructure and we do have hotels and things like that. The industry will come, it's inevitable. Development comes and it brings with it other services."

The Luganville MP, Kalfau Moli.