1 May 2014

Call for action at hellish PNG mine

7:26 pm on 1 May 2014

A mining watchdog says Papua New Guinea's Porgera gold mine is a hellish and gruesome place and locals are still waiting to be resettled by the Canadian miner.

The mining town in Enga province is currently under a state of emergency with extra police and military personel on the ground in part to stop illegal mining.

MiningWatch Canada spokesperson, Catherine Coumans, says it has a range of concerns about the Barrick Gold-owned mine including environmental, health, and human rights violations.

"People have lost their traditional way of living and maintaining themselves and what has happened to replace that is women will go into the waste dumps and pan for gold literally in the waste of the mine and young men will go into the pit."

Ms Coumans says she attended Barrick's Annual General Meeting yesterday but no mention was made of the situation at Porgera mine.