23 Apr 2014

Fiji man needing dialysis to be deported from New Zealand

2:02 pm on 23 April 2014

The immigration spokesperson for New Zealand's opposition Labour Party, Rajen Prasad, says a Fiji man with renal failure will have to leave New Zealand tomorrow, because the Immigration Minister has decided not to intervene in his case.

Dr Prasad says Sanil Kumar, who is 30, is a plumber and sheet metal worker who was on a work visa until he was diagnosed with a renal disease requiring a transplant.

Dr Prasad says Mr Kumar is receiving dialysis, and it will be known in May whether a family member is a suitable donor.

Mr Kumar's family has raised the funds needed to pay for the kidney transplant.

Dr Prasad says the Associate Minister of Immigration, Nikki Kaye, has refused to intervene because

the Ministry of Health says Mr Kumar can have the dialysis in Fiji.

However, he says Mr Kumar is not a cost to the state, and the Minister should exercise special consideration in Mr Kumar's case.