27 Mar 2014

Nauru finance minister criticised over bank stance

4:26 pm on 27 March 2014

A Nauru opposition politician has sharply criticised the finance minister, David Adeang, and asked the president to dismiss him.

Mathew Batsiua says it is laughable that Mr Adeang is blaming the opposition for Bank Bendigo of Australia reconsidering plans to launch operations in Nauru.

He says the bank's stance has to be attributed to Mr Adeang for gradually destroying the reputation of Nauru as a potential investment venue.

Mr Batsiua says Mr Adeang has robbed his country of the rule of law, interfered in the courts, deported the former resident magistrate and prevented the former chief justice from performing his duties.

He says the bank had done exhaustive due diligence before deciding last year to open a branch.

Mr Batsiua says it is absurd of the minister to now think that the enviroment he has created would have zero impact on those contemplating coming to Nauru.

Nauru moved against the judiciary amid accusations that ex-patriates in key positions had been running their own system contrary to the country's interests.