27 Dec 2013

PNG's Oro Province resolves issue over teachers' leave entitlements

4:37 pm on 27 December 2013

The administrator of Papua New Guinea's Oro Province says an issue with teachers' outstanding leave entitlements has been resolved.

Police arrested and then released a group of teachers who broke down a door of the provincial treasury office last Monday protesting the non-payment of their leave entitlements.

The Oro Provincial Administrator Owen Awaita says the entitlement money is dispersed in quarters and the final payment was not released in time for all teachers to take leave before Christmas.

He says 50 teachers were given their entitlements late and were not advised when this was done and he says they feared they would miss out completely.

"There was nobody within the division of education available to explain to the disgruntled teachers. And all it needed was for someone to tell them that their component of the ticket funding has now been released by finance department within the fourth quarter grants."

Owen Awaita says some of this year's budget for leave entitlements was wrongfully used to pay off outstanding teachers entitlements for last year but the matter has now been settled.