21 Aug 2013

Vanuatu call to bar naturalised citizens from political office

3:20 pm on 21 August 2013

A veteran Vanuatu opposition MP, Willie Jimmy, says the constitution should be amended to stop naturalised citizens from standing for political office.

Mr Jimmy says only ni-Vanuatu should become members of parliament or town councillors.

He says the current trend to freely issue citizenship to foreigners is putting the involvement of the indigenous population in politics at risk.

Mr Jimmy says if the pposition is returned to power, it will amend the constitution to protect the indigenous rights.

"We allow the naturalised citizen to enter Vanuatu waters to do business and to enjoy the freedom and the environment that they cannot enjoy elsewhere in the world. So that should be enough for them. We must be selfish and greedy about the political system. Political power must always remain in the hands of the indigenous people. That has been my view and I will maintain that all along."

A Vanuatu opposition MP, Willie Jimmy