25 Oct 2012

Work due to start shortly on second asylum seeker camp on Nauru

6:12 pm on 25 October 2012

Plans are underway in Nauru for a second camp to house Australia's asylum seekers.

There are now nearly 400 men in tented accommodation on the island after Canberra started moving people seeking refugee status from Christmas Island five weeks ago.

A Nauru Government spokesperson, Rod Henshaw, says he expects the capacity of about 500 will soon be reached but he says work is going on to establish a second site.

"That will be fairly close to the one that is there at the present time - when I say close, about four kilometres as the crow flies, in roughly the same area. I understand that negotiations are underway to secure that land and I expect work will be starting on that in the very short term."

Rod Henshaw says there have been delays in getting permanent accommodation facilities constructed for the detainees, but that efforts are well underway to change that.