25 Apr 2012

French Polynesia reconstruction of Nuku Hiva killing

3:05 pm on 25 April 2012

Investigators in French Polynesia are trying to reconstruct last October's killing in Nuku Hiva of a German tourist, Stefan Ramin.

The victim's charred remains were found days after he went missing during a round-the-world sailing trip with his girlfriend, Heike Dorsch.

The suspected killer, Arihano Haiti, who was a local guide, has now been taken from his cell in Tahiti back to Nuku Hiva, along with Ms Dorsch, who has come from Germany for the reconstruction of the crime.

According to press reports, Mr Haiti claims to have shot Mr Ramin for raping him but no weapon has been found.

Ms Dorsch says Mr Haiti assaulted her after returning from a Nuku Hiva valley and telling her that her partner was injured and needed help.

Mr Haiti surrendered in November after being on the run for more than 50 days.

The French prosecutor described the initial reporting of the crime, when European and New Zealand media outlets suggested it was case of cannibalism, as lunacy.