9 Jan 2012

One person only fined for breaching American Samoa smoke ban

1:15 pm on 9 January 2012

Only one person has been charged for violating the American Samoa Smoke Free Environment Act since the law came into effect a year ago.

The law bans smoking in places of employment, government buildings, schools, buses, taxis, restaurants, hotels and any walled place where the public gathers.

The single person charged paid a fine of 50 US dollars, the fine for a first offence to the District Court, before Christmas.

He was cited for smoking by the door of a store in Fatumafuti.

The defendant was of Asian descent and told the court staff that he didn't know about the law.

There have been no other citations issued under the law though many residents have publicly complained about witnessing people smoking on buses or in public buildings yet nothing's been done about it.