2 Dec 2011

Churches seek wider consultation as Vanuatu ratifies WTO

3:56 pm on 2 December 2011

Church leaders in Vanuatu are considering what to do next after the ratification of the country's accession to the World Trade Organisation.

The general secretary for the Vanuatu Christian Council says they've have been very clear from the beginning they do not support the ratification.

Pastor Shem Tema says there needs to be much wider consultation with the people throughout Vanuatu.

He says the churches don't have any clear direction on their next move just yet but the people are wary about what may happen.

He says they don't really understand what the WTO is and what the consequences of signing the deal will mean.

"They are suspicious because they don't really understand it, what it is. And the feeling of the people on the street at the moment is we don't really know what the future will be. And so the people are saying 'OK, what's next? There's the ratification, there is the signing, but now, what's next? It's sort of a mixed feeling at the moment."

The general secretary for the Vanuatu Christian Council, Pastor Shem Tema.