30 Sep 2011

More questions about Qantas role behind new Fiji decree

2:36 pm on 30 September 2011

The Australian government has joined calls on Qantas to explain its role in an anti-union crackdown by Fiji's interim government.

Qantas owns 46 per cent of the Fiji airline, which is accused of paying a US law firm to draft Fiji's new decree which bans unionism in some sectors.

Australia's parliamentary secretary for Pacific Island affairs, Richard Marles, has told the ABC that Qantas should explain any potential involvement in drafting the decree to the Australian public.

He says there is no sense in which this is fair law, and the ILO has come to Fiji and made it clear that it's in breach of ILO conventions.

Unions have also called for clarification.

Last week, Qantas said that it was not flying to Fiji