26 Sep 2011

Watchdog wants immediate action after MP's supporters threaten another MP and his family

4:08 pm on 26 September 2011

Transparency Solomon Islands is calling for immediate action from the government after supporters of an MP tried to intimidate the chairman of the Public Accounts committee, MP Matthew Wale, and family.

The TSI chair, Bob Pollard, says it's shameful that an MP is being threatened with violence for speaking out against corrupt activities.

The Public Accounts committee last week labelled as criminal reports that West Honiara MP, Nansom Tran, who's also the deputy speaker of parliament, had taken a government vehicle and put private registration plates on it.

Bob Pollard says the committee's encouraged the ministry of finance to report the matter to police.

"I think we should also say that this follows just recently the prime minister directing Lands to sell a government house to him [Mr Tran] well below market value, it's a direct sale. So in the light of that some of Nansom Tran's supporters then went to the private residence of MP Wale and threatened them and demanded compensation."