19 Sep 2011

Guam university staff face salary cuts following budget shortfall

11:39 am on 19 September 2011

Employees at the University of Guam could have their salaries cut as the institution prepares to cope with a government budget cut of 3 point 2 million US dollars in the next financial year.

The University had budgeted 29 point 9 million dollars for its operations in 2012 but the Legislature has only appropriated just 26 point 7 million.

A university spokeswoman Cathleen Moore-Linn says an estimated 1.9 million dollars can be saved from energy conservation and cost-reduction measures and they're considering reducing salaries.

"The thought is about initially a two percent. But if we don't raise the tuition or if we, lets say, instead of a ten percent that we proposed in spring, that's reduced to five percent, then perhaps our salary cuts would have to be larger. Unless we can think of some other ways."

Cathleen Moore-Linn says the government's budget is yet to be passed by the legislature and in the meantime the university is taking another look at ways to save money.