9 May 2011

Spike in diseases recorded in Solomon Islands following 2007 earthquake and tsunami

11:14 am on 9 May 2011

Medical researchers from Solomon Islands and Japan say the prevalance of disease increased in Solomon Islands villages affected by the 2007 earthquake and tsunami.

A collaborative team from the Solomon Islands Medical Training and Research Institute and the Tokyo University of Japan have completed a two year study of four villages in the Western Province affected by the disaster.

One of the health researchers from Solomon Islands, Freda Pitakaka says the study found a spike in the prevalence of diseases such as malaria, malnutrition and hypertension.

"We found that both communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases were found to be at risk in those tsunami affected areas during the recovery process."

Freda Pitakaka says a report on the study will soon be published in the New Zealand Medical Journal and will also be presented to the ministry of health.