4 May 2011

First-time candidate wants to see Niue open up produce market in NZ

8:40 pm on 4 May 2011

A first time candidate in this weekend's general election in Niue wants to see the country open markets in New Zealand for agricultural produce.

Willie Sanitelli, who returned to Niue 11 years ago after 27 years in Auckland, is one of 17 candidates contesting the six common roll seats.

He's getting into politics because of what he sees as the waste of aid money as the country undertakes a major redevelopment of its tourism industry.

Mr Sanitelli says many people won't necessarily benefit from a bigger tourism sector.

He says, instead, the island could grow more food for export.

"There are Niueans all around New Zealand who are really after the Niuean taro so much and we are not getting that stuff to those people in New Zealand. There's a demand for it and we are not getting the stuff to these people."