3 May 2011

Niue needs jacks-of-all-trades says returnee

3:08 pm on 3 May 2011

A New Zealand-born Niuean who's returned to live on the island says the people who succeed there are those who can turn their hands to anything.

The comment follows the second Niue Culture and Arts Festival, a biennial event aiming to attract the return of expatriates living mainly in Australia and New Zealand.

Richard Tuhipa says he took a government job after his family moved back six years ago but now has his own IT business.

"If you're going to come back here, a lot of new Niueans tend to try and look for something like work in government and stuff but you've really got to be a jack-of-all-trades here, eh. Try and branch out and do things for yourself, rather than government holding your hand and telling you to do this and that."

Richard Tuhipa says Niue's not a place to earn copious amounts of cash but a wonderful environment in which to raise children.