3 May 2011

10 to one return from Niue arts festival

1:33 pm on 3 May 2011

Niue Tourism's senior development manager says there's a 10-to-one return from the island's biennial arts festival.

Hayden Porter says the second Niue Culture and Arts Festival, which ran last week, attracted the return of about 300 ex-patriate Niueans, mainly from Australia and New Zealand.

He says there's a meeting later this week to sum up the event's running costs, which are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Mr Porter says the proceeds are also still being calculated but they justify the expense.

"It's sort of a 10 to one return from what it costs us to actually put on, if we take into account the flights and other things that all accumulate as well - the accommodation booked, the cars that were rented, the restaurants, the souvenirs that were purchased, etc, etc. It definitely stacks up, well and truly."

Hayden Porter says the festival's highlight was its closing act by the New Zealand/Niuean musician Che Fu.