26 Apr 2011

Brothers' argument over land escalates into a full-scale tribal fight in PNG

8:27 pm on 26 April 2011

An argument over land between two brothers escalated into a full-scale fight involving three hundred people on Monday in Papua New Guinea.

The provincial Police commander for Enga, Superintendent Martin Lakari, says police were able to quell the violence which left two people dead, but he says the situation is still tense.

He says the fighting erupted after one of the brothers took exception to a court ruling in a land case and, with his clansmen, caused millions of kina of damage to his brother's properties.

Superintendent Lakari says village leaders could be held responsible if there's another flare up.

"And I have warned that if anyone breaches the preventive order and goes ahead with fighting, the leaders would be responsible and police would arrest them and charge them for breaching those preventive orders."

Martin Lakari