17 Mar 2011

Hopes Niue cricket revival will keep history and discipline alive

2:31 pm on 17 March 2011

There are hopes that reviving the game of Niue cricket will help young people keep the history and disciplines of the game alive.

The game was introduced to Niue with local rules provided by missionaries and once involved big feasts which included everyone in participating villages.

The President of the Niue Cricket Association Charlie Tohovaka says competition came to a halt in 1995 as more sports were introduced, but a new season was launched last weekend.

He says the game's one of Niue's treasures and says there are special disciplines that are learnt through it that he hopes young people can adopt.

"There are a lot of things in the cricket itself where certain traditional rules based on Christianity, from the church leaders and in the village and all those things. So we realise that we need to revive the cricket in order for the young people to learn the history about the cricket in Niue."

Charlie Tohovaka says there are ten village teams involved in the new season, with 25 players aged from about 12 to 65 in each squad.