22 Jan 2011

Two ministers quit Solomons government

7:04 am on 22 January 2011

Two ministers have resigned from the Solomons Islands government.

They handed their resignation to the Prime Minister this morning.

The fisheries Minister, Bodo Dettke, and Douglas Ete, the forestry minister will join the opposition.

The Prime Minister's press secretary, Alfred Sasako says the resignation is disappointing after a reconciliation ceremony that was held with the ministers late last year.

"The fact that within a matter of weeks they've decided to keep walking makes a mockery of the sort of leadership that I think the people of Solomon Islands are looking for, in particular the value they attach to customary reconciliation. It's a matter for the public to speak say their piece of mind about it, but I think it's a sad thing."

Alfred Sasako says he understands the ministers were unhappy with some recent Cabinet decisions.