13 Sep 2010

Unicef says every child needs to be included in development goals

7:02 am on 13 September 2010

UNICEF says research into how aid funding is spent shows the Millenium Development Goals can be better reached by focussing on the most disadvantaged children and families.

The Millenium Development goals are eight international development goals that all 192 United Nations member states have agreed to achieve by 2015.

The Chief Executive of UNICEF New Zealand, Dennis McKinlay says with help from the World Bank a study has found that making the extra effort to reach one hundred per cent of children is economically viable.

"In terms of trying to achieve the MDGs and the targets which are set in 2015, unless we do take this equity approach of including every child and being inclusive, we will not achieve the MDGs. So this is a policy, or a strategy if you like, that will help countries achieve the MDGs more easily than if they didn't take this approach."

Dennis McKinlay says in the past agencies like UNICEF have tried to keep to set budgets by targetting the most easily accessible children but often those who miss out on aid are the five to ten per cent of children who need it most.