8 Sep 2010

American Samoa power company's budget is over 120 million US dollars

12:21 pm on 8 September 2010

The American Samoa Power Authority has announced its budget for the new fiscal year is a little over 120 million US dollars.

Over 100 million has been allocated for the Electric Division, which has been making a profit in the past but funds have been used to subsidized other divisions.

Just over one million has been budgeted for the authority's new Fuel Division, where the Authority is a fuel importer for Mobil Oil.

Ten million is being allocated for the Water Division, almost seven million for the Wastewater Division and just under three million for the Solid Waste Division.

The Legislature is also expected to question the Authority during the budget review on the specific amount of money to be collected from new rate hikes that went into effect in June this year and reflected in the July billing.