19 Aug 2010

Marshall Islands Senator says more performance audits are needed

11:46 am on 19 August 2010

The chairman of the Public Accounts Committee in the Marshall Islands, says there needs to be more performance audits to check the quality of service provided and show the public what its getting for its tax money.

Senator Frederick Muller has wrapped up three weeks of nationally broadcast public hearings this week that has focused on accountability in all government ministries and state owned enterprises.

He said the key to improving accountability and getting more performance reviews is for the government to hire a permanent Auditor General, and to beef up the level of staffing in the audit office.

The Auditor General post appointed by parliament has been vacant for three years, and Acting Auditor General Atmita Jonathan says her office is critically understaffed.

The Marshall Islands receives 70 percent of its annual budget of about 140 million US dollars from the United States, Taiwan and other donors.