12 Jun 2010

Niue premier to investigate why government supply of beer has run out

9:08 am on 12 June 2010

The premier of Niue says he doesn't know why the island's Bond Store has run out of beer in the middle of the tourist season.

Toke Talagi says Niue gets a couple of containers of beer every time a boat visits the island, and it's supposed to last about six weeks.

It had been suggested that the government doesn't have enough money to pre-pay for beer as it's the third time supplies have run out this year.

Mr Talagi says the government has more than enough resources to bring in as much beer as it wants, saying it's a trading commodity it wants to make money on.

"It should not happen I'm not happy about it. I'm gooing to find out the reasons why. The last time, I think, something like this occurred, as I said, was about a couple of years ago and I had to intervene personally. I wasn't aware this time. And what we need to do is make sure it doesn't happen again in the future. I understand there's still some beer in the clubs but there's certainly no beer in the Bond Store."

It's thought a container of beer apparently due on the May vessel missed the boat and pallets of emergency supplies were purchased in the Cook Islands and on-shipped to Niue.