13 May 2009

Fiji expats say they fear speaking out about the repressive Fiji regime

1:52 pm on 13 May 2009

A Fiji national in Wellington says Fiji people living in New Zealand fear they will be victimised if they speak out publicly about recent events.

The situation in the island nation has deteriorated since the Constitution was abolished last month, with the military taking into custody anyone who speaks against the interim regime.

On Saturday, two journalists from the online news service, Fijilive, were taken in for questioning, after publishing a story on the early release of eight soldiers and a policeman convicted of killing three civilians.

A spokesperson for Wellington's Fiji community, Save Daugunu, says Fiji people living here cannot be blamed for keeping their silence.

"They don't like what is happening in Fiji, you know. I haven't come across one who supports what is happening. If you say something we fear, that if we come back to Fiji, we might be severely punished."

Save Daugunu from the Wellington Fiji community.