14 Apr 2009

WWF New Caledonia wants halt to Vale Inco operations

3:11 pm on 14 April 2009

The organisation, the World Wildlife Fund, in New Caledonia is calling for all activity at the Vale Inco nickel plant to be stopped following an acid spill.

The massive leak that killed thousands of fish and other species in a river and in Prony Bay happened on April 1st during a test run of the new facility.

The southern province is demanding that 80 percent of the plant's activity be stopped until an investigation into the accident is completed.

But the organisation's local manager, Ehab Downer, says that's not enough.

"Allowing them to continue twenty percent of their activities is unacceptable. We've asked that 100 percent of their activities be halted until such time as an independent review, this one that's going to be performed, shows that Vale Inco can perform activities without causing damage to the natural resources."

Ehab Downer says it'll take some time to establish the full extent of the damage.